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The history of the Croatian airlines company, Croatia Airlines, was written from day to day, because each following step meant a step nearer to the realisation of the goal, the creation of an national airline company. In all the years of its existence and in rendering services of carrying passengers and goods, Croatia Airlines has connected Croatian cities with all the most important capitals of Europe, and through them, with the entire world.The company is a joint-stock company, of mixed ownership. The Company's Head Office is in the capital of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb. 1989. On 7 August 1989, the first Croatian air carrier, called Zagal - actually Zagreb Airlines - was registered. The Zagal company began operating with an aircraft of the Cessna 402 C type, and was engaged in the transport of UPS consignements. 1990. Following the first democratic elections in Croatia, on 23 July, Zagal changes its name to CROATIA AIRLINES. 1991. We sign an agreement with Adria Airways and start flying in the domestic traffic with a leased aircraft MD-82. On 5 May, we realize, on full wings, our first flight Zagreb-Split, and end up the year with 140.000 carried passengers. 1992. Following a short interruption of our flights caused by the aggression on Croatia, we acquire three aircraft of the Boeing 737 type form Lufthansa. With an increased fleet we enter the international air traffic and become a member of the International Association of Air Transport (IATA).

General information
1) Online Flight Sales FlyOnLine Internet Sales is a service enabling you to book and pay for a seat in business or economy class on Croatia Airlines flights. Each registered user can make a reservation for six tickets (for adults and children), under the condition that one of the passengers is the owner of the credit card that will be used to make the payment for all the reserved tickets. The system will accept the resevations made not earlier than six months and not later than three days (72 hours) in advance. During the reservation process, you will have to enter personal information of the first passenger, owner of the credit card, and other passengers. Please enter a valid e-mail address so as to receive the confirmation of the reservation and all necessary information.

2) Passenger Types During the reservation process you will need to enter passenger types for each person travelling with you. By Using FlyOnLine you can make reservation for following passenger types: - "Adult" (shown by default) is passenger who has reached his/her 12th birthday - "Child" has not reached his/her 12th birthday at the date of start of journey - "Infant" does not occupy a seat and has not reached his/her 2nd birthday. - "Youth" has reached the 12th birthday, but not his/her 25th birthday. Please note that youth discount does not apply on all flights and routes - "Senior citizen" has reached his/her 60th birthday. Please note that the senior citizen discount does not apply on all flights and routes. NOTE: Because of our safety standards, each Adult can be accompanied by only one Infant. If an adult passenger travels with two infants, second infant shall be booked as a child, with a confirmed seat. In such case child fare will be applied to the Infant with a confirmed seat.

3) Changing and Cancelling Your Booking If you need to make changes after your booking has been confirmed and payment processed, please contact your local Croatia Airlines office or send us your request at flyonline@croatiaairlines.hr .Please note that tickets issued at some low-rate or similar special fares will not allow you to make any changes, or rebooking / cancellation penalty will apply. All changes will be subject to availability and capacity control and possible fare variation. In order to know in advance whether the price you will pay allows changes and/or cancellations, please read tariff conditions (Conditions) that you will need to agree with. Please have your reservation number ready before contacting the Croatia Airlines staff or making any changes. You can find the reservation number in any e-mail confirmation.

4) Methods of Payment Before completing your online reservation, you will need to enter credit card information of the first passenger. The card will be authorised and payment processed, after which the reservation will be confirmed. You will receive the confirmation of the reservation, confirmation about payment and confirmation about collecting the ticket by e-mail. If the payment should, for any reason, be unsuccessful, you will receive a confirmation of the reservation and information about the reason for rejecting the payment. In such case, you need to contact a Croatia Airlines office within 48 hours and agree upon the method of payment. ePayment will be available to holders of the following credit cards: American Express, Diners, Visa and Mastercard. Payment with debit cards is not yet available.

5) Collecting the ticket After your reservation and payment have been confirmed, please collect your ticket at the airport of your flight departure, according to the information you will receive by e-mail. It is also possible, after making the reservation, to collect the ticket at one of Croatia Airlines offices in the country of your departure.

6) Security Information Croatia Airlines will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information you transmit to Croatia Airlines using FlyOnLine will remain confidential and protected from unauthorised access.

7) Passport and visas Incomplete documents or non-compliance with entry and exit regulations of any country may result in unpleasant consequences (exclusion from a flight, refusal of entry, etc.). Before making a FlyOnLine reservation, please check if you need a visa or any other document for entering the country you plan on visiting. In cases of international travel, Croatian citizens not having a working and/or residence permit for the country they are travelling to, need to have a return ticket or proof of continuing their travel to a third country, for which they have all necessary documents. For more detailed information we recommend that you contact the nearest Croatia Airlines office.

8) Fares and Taxes, Fees and Charges By using this Internet booking service, you will be subject to fare rules that apply to the selected fare you have chosen. These rules can be found on the Conditions page. This page will be available to you during the reservation process before you confirm the reservation. We kindly ask you to read the conditions carefully. The taxes will be shown separately from the advertised fare. The total quoted fare will be inclusive of all charges.

9) Conditions of Carriage Conditions of carriage will be printed on your ticket cover. If you wish to read them now, please
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